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1/05 CBB Picks

A huge win last night as I correctly picked K State to a tee! Looking to do the same tonight. Unfortunately, tonight’s card isn’t as black and white as yesterdays, and some luck might be involved, but hey that’s Vegas right?!? Let’s begin!

The first game tonight is #15 Bama (10-3) at Florida (9-3). The line is set at Florida -1.5. Not quite sure why Florida is favorited, most likely because they factor in home court advantage (which is real especially in CBB). Bama has dropped a little bit in the rankings as they were a top 10 team but lost to Davidson and Memphis. Florida is a good team though but suffered a terrible loss by 15 to Texas Southern a couple games back. I gotta stick to my gut here and trust that Bama is the better team (which they are). Shackleford is going to go off and Alabama is going to win by 10.

BAMA +1.5 (-110)

Next we have a Big East matchup as Creighton (10-3) travels to #19 Villanova (9-4). Nova is favored by 10.5 and I’m telling you right now, that’s ridiculous. I was astonished by this so I had to do some extra research to see why the line is what it is. Upon research, nothing stood out. Creighton doesn’t have anyone not playing, they don’t have Covid, their coach is coaching blah blah blah. So why the line? Personally I believe it’s because Nova has beaten 2 ranked opponents in back to back games ( seton hall and Xavier). This to me, isn’t enough evidence to make it a 10 point game. The biggest ball buster is that 3 games ago, Creighton whomped Nova by 20 points! So VEGAS is expecting a 30 point turn around? No Chance! Creighton +10.5 (-110).

Last but not least, the only ranked match up of the evening is #25 Texas Tech (10-2) at #11 Iowa State (12-1). Iowa state is a 4 point favorite and I’m too scared to touch this line. I’m more interested in the total points. The line is set at 127. Both teams have amazing defenses, letting up 58 and 57 points. However, both offenses are electric! Texas tech is averaging 78 and ISU is averaging 73. I love a good defensive battle, but I just can’t see the game going under 127 points. It’s going to be a competitive game that’s going to come down to the wire. Free throws and fouls will play a part, and points will flow! POINTS POINTS POINTS!

TT ISU o127 (-110).

I love these bets, but luck is going to be needed. Tail with caution and confidence! Stay safe out there!

As always,


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