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1/23 CBB Bets and Reasonings

It has become evident that College Basketball has become my best sport record wise in my betting experience. I plan on giving my plays and a quick reasoning every day for the remainder of the season. Hopefully this quick blog can sway or discourage you from taking my bets.

Bet 1:

Wisconsin/Northwestern o122.5


In order to save time on research, I primarily focus on the last 5 games for each team. Although the data pool is small, I have found success with this tactic.

Wisconsin's last 5 games have all gone over the total of 122.5 except one game, when the Badgers got shutdown playing at a tough Indiana team. This Wisconsin team is not a very high scoring team. They only average 66.6 ppg and have a great defense allowing just 62.7 ppg.

Northwestern, similarly, has gone over 122.5 points in each of their last 5 games. Similar to Wisconsin, the Wildcats only score 69 points per game, and allow just 60.8 ppg.

The thought process for this bet is solely on the hit percentage of this total for each team recently. When I see 9/10, I jump all over it, regardless of each's team quality of defense and lack of offense.

Bet 2:

Oakland/Detroit Mercy o152.5


This is a game that both teams look forward to each year. I do not know the exact mileage between these two schools, but it has to be less than 20 miles apart. Each team is also very high scoring, and both don't really attempt to play any defense.

Oakland averages 73 ppg and allows 76.4. Mercy scores 76 ppg and allows 76.9. Both teams also have the same record of 8-12, and the 3.5-point spread in favor of Mercy is suggesting a close matchup.

This game has all the makings of a high scoring back and forth battle, where I could see this game going to one, if not multiple, OT's. I could also see both teams scoring in the 80's and 90's, which would hit this over with ease.

Bet 3:

Kansas/Baylor o149.5


The biggest game of the day is #2 Kansas traveling to #21 Baylor. The second ranked Jayhawks are coming off of two straight losses, including a 23-point loss at home against TCU. Baylor, after a bad stretch, has won their last four games and are looking to be back on track.

I believe Kansas is embarrassed and pissed off at their performance this weekend against TCU. I think they Kansas comes to play tonight and wins this game even though they are the underdog.

This is obviously a big game for Baylor, because it is a real test to see if they actually are back to being the title contenders they were at the beginning of the season.

Either way, like the Oakland/Mercy game, I see this being a back-in-forth, high scoring shootout where OT is also a very high possibility. I also like Kansas in this matchup as I previously stated and can see them winning this game 80-77.

All my plays are posted on both Pikkit and Twitter daily, and I hope we get some winners tonight! As always, good luck and good scores!

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