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1/26 CBB Bets and Reasonings:

A beautiful day yesterday with everything hitting except Auburn ML... Auburn lost their first game at home last night, and lost me my parlay as well, but we still hit two max plays to make us 3-0 since blogging daily. Unfortunately, no max plays today, but I still have found a couple plays that I believe are profitable.

Bet #1:



This is one of the odder totals of the day, and I still haven't fully figured out why the line is where it's at. Memphis is a pretty solid offensive team averaging almost 79 PPG, and they allow 71.8 points against. SMU on the other hand struggles offensively and only scores 68.7 a game. They also allow 72 points against.

SMU has gone under 150.5 points 5 times in their last 8 games, with one of those games going to OT. In those 8 games, SMU has scored in the 50's four times. Memphis is a little more concerning because they have gone over 150.5 points in 3 of their last 6 games.

Memphis is a 13-point favorite tonight, so I am hoping the game gets out of hand and Memphis holds SMU to that 50-point range in an 83-57 type of game.

Bet #2:

UCLA -4.5


This is my least favorite game that I am betting, so adjust your units accordingly. UCLA is traveling to play their rival, USC. In their previous meeting at UCLA, the Bruins won 60-58. Now, on the road, UCLA is a 4.5-point favorite when they noticeably struggled at home.

I think this line suggests that UCLA will walk away with this one. Hopefully they have learned from their first game and have made adjustments. I wouldn't be surprised if UCLA wins by double-digits, but again, I think it was a weird line and UCLA got too many points.

Bet #3:



Similar to the UCLA/USC game, this line is fishy. It is my trap of the day because why on earth is a 9-12 Washington State team only a 5.5-point dog to a very legit Arizona team.

It should be noted that Washington State actually beat Arizona @ Arizona just two weeks ago. I am not entirely sure what happened in that game, but it seems like Arizona has a little bit of consistency issues. Either way, it is obvious that Arizona is looking for revenge tonight, and of course Vegas is aware of that. They always are, and they still made a disrespectful line.

Arizona -5.5 is the most obvious bet of the day, so of course, I have to fade. Come on WAZZOU! Pull one out of your ass again!

Let's continue the hot streak, and win some more money tonight! As always, all my plays are on twitter and Pikkit. Good luck, good scores, and Godspeed!

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