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1st Round, Day 2 Action

Holy hell. What a first day of the tourney as we saw 3 major upsets and numerous close calls! The biggest news of the day was Kentucky losing to the Peacocks of Saint Peter's. Yes, you heard that right. The third favorite to win it all and the #2 Seed, lost to a team with a Peacock as their mascot. Sucks to suck Calipari!

But yeah, that really did some damage in most of my brackets, but who cares! Glad the Wildcats suffered! Other big upsets include my Richmond Spiders bouncing one of the hottest teams in basketball; the Iowa Hawkeyes. I did predict this upset. Everyone was too high on Iowa, and it just seemed like it was bound to happen. I did not predict New Mexico State beating UConn. That was a surprise, but our very own analyst @Princebet4 nailed this upset and went up major units! Happy for that kid!

If you want to count 11 seed Michigan over CSU as an upset, then go ahead. Michigan was a favorite so I'm not counting it. The Zags were in a nail bitter going into the second half but ended up winning with ease, and UCLA came down to the wire against Akron. Just a great day honestly!

My predictions for the day are quite simple. We got our day of underdogs yesterday. Today is going to be a no funny business day. Maybe 1 or 2 small upsets, like possibly Davidson over MSU, or Virginia Tech over Texas, but I don't see any major upsets. I always will throw a couple bucks on a high seed at +2000 just for shits and giggles, but again, today is no nonsense.

I will have a new prediction come the conclusion of this round as to who the favorites are and what will happen in the round of 32, but for now, Godspeed!


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