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2/01 We're Staying Hot in CBB

A glorious day yesterday! All 5 of the stream plays hit, and I won a +1280 parlay on a free bet! All in all, a $500 day that erased my losses from Sunday and then some!!! I LOVE IT! It's a crazy Tuesday in CBB with plenty of ranked games! Myself and fellow coworker and blogger @paddington, will be attending the Michigan State/Maryland game tonight so we will have bets for that and much more!

Yesterday's prediction's went really well to start as I went 64%. I did not bet all of these but, the five that I did, won me BIG!!!

Today's Slate is much more challenging but I believe I have cracked the code! Here are my prediction's for today's games:

Again, I will not be betting all of these. These should be only used as a guide for you. I do have 5 plays however that I am most confident about, so here we go!

My PLAY OF THE DAY is Providence +3.5. This is flat up disrespectful for the Friars. They just can't catch a break from Vegas, but I don't mind because I will be cashing in! Providence is 18-2 and ranked 15th overall. They are on a 5 game win streak and have knocked off Marquette and Xavier during that timespan. They face Saint Johns who is an average Big East team who has just won 2 of their last 5 games. It is important to know the sharps are all over Saint Johns, but F the sharps! They think they know gambling and they don't! Providence all day!

My next 2 picks are 2 B10 games, and they are both overs. Since I will be in attendance for MSU/Maryland I will be betting the over of 136.5. I think Sparty will win this game, but Maryland is a streaky team and will play well at home. Regardless points will be scored with State's fast paced offense and Maryland's below average defense! Likewise I will be betting the Michigan/Nebraska over of 144.5. This bet is simple, Michigan is in a must win game (pretty much must win the rest of the season to give themselves a chance at the tourney), and Nebraska's defense is horrendous. As we say Saturday as well, Michigan's defense is nothing to write home about! POINTS POINTS POINTS!

My final 2 bets are South Carolina +8 against Mississippi State, and UNC -3 vs Louisville. South Carolina and MISS St are pretty much evenly matched teams. MISS St may be slightly better and have a small advantage playing at home, but I love USC and 8 points is too big of a spread in my opinion. I am rolling with North Carolina tonight as they travel to the team in shambles; Louisville. UNC is trying hard to live up to their name, and they have proven themselves as of recent. Louisville has too much going on right now and UNC should win this with ease!

I look to go 5-0 again today, but just remember betting is hard and we won't always have days like yesterday! Tail my picks at your own caution and God Speed!


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