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A CBB Board Full of Traps

After taking a longer than usual time looking over today's college basketball board, it has become evident to me that this board is full of traps and tricky lines. Vegas must have lost a lot of money this weekend with 5/6 wildcard games going over or something, because Vegas is on one today with these terrible lines. To a normal person, most of these lines seem way too obvious and too good to be true. I am still contemplating taking some of these lines, but I think the smart and profitable decision is to take the opposite of what Vegas wants you to take. Because of this, I hate every single one of my bets, and do not feel confident at all about them. Let's look at the games of question and the smart bets you should take.

#2 Kansas @ #13 Kansas State

The first of the two games of the evening between two ranked opponents and it is looking like it's going to be a great contest! The defending National Champions will travel to instate rival Kansas State is an exciting matchup.

It is no surprise that Kansas is once again one of the top teams in the country, but the fact that Kansas State is here is unexpected. K-State has emerged this season as a great team and have only 2 losses on the season, but can they really beat Kansas? Despite being blown out last game against TCU, K-State is only a 1.5-point dog at home to Kansas. I would expect this line to be more in favor of Kansas than it is, so the fact that it's so low is screaming trap bet to me. Any novice bettor (ME!) would be all over Kansas tonight, which is the reason I have taken KState +1.5. I think this will be a very close game and could definitely sprinkle an OT bet. Hopefully the Wildcats can pull it out and squeeze out a win!

#9 Tennessee @ Mississippi State

Another Tricky game is between 9th ranked Tennessee and Mississippi State. Tennessee lost a bad one in their previous game to a solid Kentucy team, but Mississippi State has only won 1 game in their last 5.

Tennessee is just a 6-point favorite on the road against a MSST team that is heading in the wrong direction. I was expecting this spread to be closer to double-digits, which is why I will hopefully be avoiding the trap and will take Miss St +6. This is one of my least favorite games of the evening, so I wouldn't be upset if you didn't take this bet. Honestly, don't even know why I am taking it.

#7 Texas @ #12 Iowa State

The second game of the night between ranked teams is Texas traveling to play Iowa State. I am actually very excited for this game, and I have two plays on it, both hopefully avoiding the trap.

Now Texas is a tough team to handicap because they are so inconsistent, but ISU is a great team to play on in my opinion. If you don't follow Iowa State much, just know that they have one of the best defenses in the country, and despite them facing up against a Texas team who averages over 80 points a game, I think the under will hit. I am projecting a low score in the 50's in this game, so the under of 131 will be my play.

The other play is a little less appealing. Despite being the lower ranked team, Iowa State is favored by 2.5 points at home. Texas is the superior team in my opinion, and I personally think they should be the ones favored by 3-4 points. It's an odd line which is why I'll take the Cyclones -2.5.

#19 Clemson @ Wake Forest

If you haven't caught on to my strategy yet, then this game should help solidify it because it's the same exact thought process as the games before. Clemson, who has finally started to play well and has won their last seven, are a 2.5-point underdog vs an average Wake Forest team.

Why is the line in favor of Wake? I have no idea, but I'll be hammering the Demon Deacons and will take Wake -2.5 at home.

#21 Baylor @ Texas Tech

I'm not going to get repeating myself, but Texas Tech has lost their last 5, but is still favorited by 2.5-points against a serious national title contender in Baylor, so you guessed it, Texas Tech is the play.

Georgia @ Kentucky

Kentucky is coming off a huge win at Tennessee, but is it enough warrant an 11-point spread against Georgia? UGA has played great this year, and they have 2 more wins than a struggling Kentucky squad.

Similar to the Miss St. play, I don't know why I am taking UK here, because I honestly think Georgia has the ability to win this game outright, but I have to stay consistent with my strategy. I unfortunately will be taking Kentucky to win by 11 or more.

Of course, I am going to parlay all of these plays as well. The parlay comes out to a whopping +9,580 odds, so I have put just a single dollar on that play.

Good Luck, Good Scores, and Godspeed!


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