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A Statistical Dream

After studying the board today, I have found four "statistical dreams" on the board. Last night's dream hit as Loyola Chicago and Valpo easily hit the over! The statistical dream occurs when both teams Points scored, and points allowed per game are greater than the over. For example, LUC and Valpo's over was at 130.5. LUC was scoring 74 and allowing 62 to make 136. Valpo was scoring 71 and allowing 71 to make 142. No matter what numbers you add together, you get a total that is over 130.5.

I have found 4 of these in tonight's slate and have singled and parlayed them. I have also found 5 more where it is just at or close to the over. If you want to see those, they're in my parlay on Pikkit. Here are the 4 statistical dreams tonight:

  • UNCG at Chattanooga o126

  • Arkansas Little Rock at Texas Arlington o132.5

  • SIU Edwardsville at Tennessee State o132.5

  • St. Francis (NY) at Mt. St. Mary's o127

UNCG is scoring 64 and allowing 64. Chattanooga is scoring 75 and allowing 64. The total is set at 126...

Little Rock is scoring 67 and allowing 73. UTA is scoring 68 and allowing 69. The total is set at 132.5...

SIUE is scoring 67 and allowing 69. Tennessee State is scoring 71 and allowing 71. The total is set at 132.5...

St. Francis is scoring 68 and allowing 70. Mount St. Mary's is scoring 66 and allowing 66. The total is set at 127....

Do you see the Trend??? Either Vegas knows something, or my math is drastically wrong, and I checked it multiple times. This seems like a clean sweep and way too easy. I have had tremendous luck betting these games when I see these statistics. I am a man of averages, and when all the averages add up to greater than the total, you hammer it! So I did! I'm feeling lucky, but I don't even think I need luck!!!

GodSpeed! And lets roll tonight!!!

Yours Truly,


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