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A Wise Man Once Said...

"BURR" - Gucci Mane

We got a cold one up in Orchard Park tonight. 20's, chance for some precipitation, but most brutally, 25-40 MPH winds. These two have seen some bad weather games before, this ain't nothing new. Josh Allen? More like Jon Snow if you ask me.

I'm not going to be taking much tonight, I hate these kinds of games. But there is one lock I put the kids on, under 47.5 yards longest field goal made. You think the goat is even sending the field goal unit out there from the 31 yard line? No shot. Lock it.

The real reason I'm writing about weather, is to make a scorching hot take. The SEC is GIFTED championships by having every playoff game in warm weather, or a dome. I don't give 2 shits about entertainment. Bring those sun bathers up to The North. Would Alabama fans even make a trip to Soldier Field in sub 20, white out weather? You think Georgia is built to take on even the worst Big Ten teams at Lambeau Field in January? Aidan Hutchinson would have 12 sacks if were being real here. Not sure those teams would even want off the bus in real football geography.

Let the Big ten have a real shot every 3 or 4 years. Bring the SEC up north for a change. They just pad championship stats down South.

Hunch of the day : have any aluminum cans lying around? Grandpa got a junk pile somewhere? Bring out a magnet. If the metals not sticking to it, it could be aluminum. Prices for aluminum are skyrocketing right now. One of the main reasons? China turned off their smelters to get clean air for the Olympics. That's my hunch. I'm sure its severely more complicated than that, but it just sounds cool. Fact is, Aluminum prices are going up up up. Cans probably worth more than the 10 cents you get for recycling it right now.

Fire Meijer, go find a metal yard to recycle.

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