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Arnold Palmer Review | Players Preview

Hello Friends. Big weekend ahead, but I have a gripe. Why have the fifth major on NCAAB Championship weekend???? To make it worse, I don’t think I’ll be able to watch either Sunday … Anyway! Drive to Survive comes out Friday, be on the lookout for some F1 blogs, season is right around the corner!

Arnie Palmy Review:

Really thought we were going to get our first win this weekend… Hovy was in it the entire weekend and just fell apart at the end. That's two second places for our picks this year, we’ll get there team. I didn’t watch a ton this weekend, but I have another gripe (gripe 2 of the blog). Complaining about a golf course being difficult (rory) is crazy to me. The ONLY complaint that seems reasonable is ridiculous rough, rough was deep last week, but nowhere near some recent US opens. Lastly, Scottie Scheffler with another win. I love him, I’m happy for him, and think I will take him in at least two majors this season.

The Players Preview:

I’d typically be a lot more excited about this tournament, but as I mentioned in the intro, I’ll be watching basketball with Toxic this weekend.

A few things to note:

  1. I’ve heard the weather is not looking good. Up to 5 inches of rain in the area. This baby might be finishing up on Monday (which i’d love).

  2. The fucking purse… $20M, 3.7M to the winner? I think I’m one of the few that think these guys actually deserve this money, but those are some crazy numbers. It’ll be wild to see what these numbers look like in 20 years.

As for the bets, I just pulled up DK and I saw a promo. Deki, Rahm, or Colin to win is +500. I think these odds boosts are typically scams, but I love it. My bet was going to be Rickie, but I forgot he isn’t eligible.. So there goes that. I’m going to take the two guys that went head to head at whistling straits, DJ @ +3500 and Spieth @ +4000. My long shot of the week is HV3 @ +18000. He’s got one win this year, and is on the precipice of his first big win.


DJ to win +3500

Spieth to win +4000

Harold Varner III to win +18,000

Rahm, Morikawa, Deki to win +500

That’ll Play!


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