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Baker 1 v NFL 0

The NFL and that little ginger Roger are once again reacting instead of being proactive. That being said they put themselves in this situation to begin with. If you saw my previous blog from Tuesday ("What are we doing here?"), I alerted the squad we're all F'd for Week 15 due to COVID making an end of year surge. Curse you COVID!

Short story long, the NFL was picking and choosing which teams they were testing so they could get their games in, grab the bag and keep their ratings up. Not on ol' Baker's watch. The Browns QB went after Rog like any warrior does these days... via Twitter rant:

Thank you Baker. But man, what a mess with a few weeks left in the season and entering fantasy football playoffs. It's a sticky situation because I'm all for calling The Shield out on their BS but, I'm still watching 7 hours of uninterrupted football every Sunday. In all seriousness, I say this tongue-in-cheek as there are people out there struggling with COVID and I hope you get back healthy—not that anyone is asking for my well-wishes.

There are now 144 players that have tested positive in the past two weeks and that's not including team staff members and coaches. 3 games have postponed including the Browns game. So please, make sure to check player availability before you place your bets and/or set your fantasy lineups for the week. Like I said earlier in the week, this week's a crapshoot, just know you may get screwed on your bets or fantasy matchups. Stay on it and good luck.

What a day. Time to crack a cold Coors Banquet. Man, I love a good Yellowjacket after an hour of typing. It's a beer I want to cheers with the lads during a kickback. Grab a 6-pack and enjoy, you won't regret it.

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