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Big Ten Predictions and Best Future Bets

We are so close to College Football! There is no better time then now to start looking at and placing College Football Futures! I would like to start in the Big Ten because it is the conference of my Michigan Wolverines (Coaches Poll Preseason #2 👀), and I know this conference the best. I will briefly touch on my projected win totals for each team, and then dive into the futures from there!

WorstBets Predicted Records:

DraftKings Season Win Total Lines:

  • MINN: o/u 7

  • NEB: o/u 6

  • MSU o/u 5.5

  • MICH o/u 10.5

  • PUR: o/u 5.5

  • IOWA: o/u 8

  • OSU o/u 10.5

  • WISC: o/u 8.5

  • MARY: o/u 7

  • IU: o/u 3.5

  • PSU: o/u 9.5

  • ILL: o/u 6.5

  • NW: o/u 3

  • RUTG: o/u 4.5

Best Bets:

My two favorite season win totals are Wisconsin o8.5 wins and Northwestern u3 wins.

Photo: University of Wisconsin media assets

Wisconsin will have first year coach Luke Fickell leading the team, plus transfer gunslinger, Tanner Mordecai from SMU. The combination of these two, plus the super easy schedule for Wisconsin has their total wins written all over it. I have Wisconsin winning 10 games, but in reality, I can see them getting to 11. Their only guaranteed loss is OSU, and even so, it's a home game and I think it will still be really competitive. Besides that, the Badgers might have the biggest cakewalk of a schedule in the B10.

Northwestern is miserable. They were going to be miserable this year even if they had Pat Fitzgerald as their head coach. You add him getting fired right before camp and this team has no chance. They have a tough out of conference schedule with UTEP and Duke, and then finish it off win an easy win over Howard. They then enter the B10 schedule and I don't see them winning a single game in conference. They could possibly beat UTEP, but will lose to Duke. Either way, they shouldn't come close to 3 wins.

Source: Yahoo sports Twitter

A couple other solid future bets are: PSU o8.5 wins, MSU u5.5, and ILL u6.5.

Penn State is going to be legit this year. They have 2 great running backs and a stellar defense. They are starting a new QB, Drew Allar, a 5-star sophomore who hasn't had much experience. With the talent around Allar, I think he should do just fine.

Joe Hermitt |, file

Michigan State is going to be terrible. Yes, I am a Michigan fan and very biased, but this team is dogshit. A terrible recruiting class, and they lost their QB and best WR to the transfer portal. MSU winning 4 games is generous in my mind.

One of the more surprising bets is Illinois u6.5 wins. I actually have the Illini finishing with just 4 wins on the season. Despite having a good season last year, I think Illinois will fall of the wagon and return to their terrible form. Illinois lost both their QB and running back from last season and they were the only reason they were good. Hammer this under!

I of course am a huge Michigan fan and already have them winning the B10 and the National Championship. This is the best team Harbaugh has ever had and it's honestly Michigan's title to lose. With that being said, Michigan usually underperforms in these types of seasons (APP ST 2007), and I don't want to tell you to place these bets on Michigan because they are super biased and very emotional!

Good Luck as always if tailing, and comment which conference you want next!!!

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