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Blog a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Hello all! Toxic has officially quit his job and will be dedicating his life to the WorstBets Brand! Content will be pumped out faster than a new mother's titty milk! If you all followed, I lost a devastating $730 bet last night to on the Michigan Penn State Over. It was a terrible game, that made me cocky at halftime and in tears at the final buzzer. The hypothetical $1,400 dollars was all going on Bengals +4.5 in the Super Bowl. Oh well we start again, but time is running up!!!

I have 2 different plays to get to $1,000 by Sunday. 2 different paths you can follow if you want to win (but probably most likely have your heart ripped out). Play #1 of 2 is the least risky one, although the odds are still stacked against it. I have 2 NBA Player Prop Parlays that I created on ThriveFantasy that I am placing $50 to win $180.

You can find these props and lines on the ThriveFantasy App under House Prop Entries located on the top left corner of the page. The first player prop is Keldon Johnson o14.5 points. Johnson is averaging 15 a game on the season, 17 ppg in the last 10 games, and 18 ppg vs Cleveland. This is going to be a close game, where Cleveland probably pulls out on top, but Keldon will get a lot of minutes and thus, a lot of points.

The second prop is DeMar DeRozan o34.5 Points and Assists. DeMar is averaging 27 PPG and 5 assists per game. He has been on an absolute tear in his last 10 games, averaging 33 a game! The Bulls play the Hornets, and once again will be a competitive game with a lot of points. I'm taking DeMar all day!

That was the safe bet, laugh it up. Now my big boy bet is a 5 team CBB Parlay. I have $200 dollars to win $798. They are all favorites and to be honest, I love this more than the NBA Player Prop Play. Here is the Play:

  • Davidson ML

  • Cincinnati ML


  • Baylor ML


Davidson (19-3) is home against Saint Joseph's (10-11). Davidson is a 12-point favorite, and they should have no problem winning this team against a below average Joes team. Davidson is 7th in the country in offensive efficiency, 4th in 3P% and 7th in FG percentage. Joes turns has a horrible offense and is the bottom percentage in most offensive categories. This will be a bloodbath, Davidson by 20.

Cincy (15-7) plays at South Florida (7-14). Cincy is a 7-point favorite and will blow past a struggling USF team who is just scoring 57 points a game. Cincy is coming off a bad beat against Houstan and is looking to get back into the win column. USF is streaky but their luck will end tonight as they fall to the bearcats!

My Retrievers of UMBC (11-10) play at home against Hartford (5-15). UMBC is a 7-point favorite. UMBC as we all remember is the only team to ever knock of a #1 seed as a #16 team in the NCAA Tournament. They have had a mediocre season, but at home, and against a terrible Hartford team, I'm taking UMBC all day!

Baylor (19-4) plays at Kansas State (12-10). Baylor is a 7-point favorite. This is my biggest sweat of the parlay as Baylor played terrible against Kansas and KState is a tough team especially at home. I'm putting my trust in the defending national champions that they will come to play tonight and blow past the pesky wildcats.

The last play is slam city Florida Gulf Coast (15-9) home against North Alabama (9-14). UNA is simply not a great team and FGCU is scoring a lot of points and having a good season. FGCU is a great FG% team and shoots a lot of threes. North Alabama has a bottom 50 offense and a high turnover rate. FGCU will look to run and gun and bomb a couple transitions 3's to win this game by 10 points!

These are my plays, and yes they are risky, but I am not going to build up to $1,000 in 4 days by making simple bets! Let get risky, lets get lucky! Godspeed and good luck!!


Download the ThriveFantasy App to find great parlay odds, and also download the Pikkit App to follow all your fellow degenerates' bets!

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