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Bored at Work? Here's a play for you:

The greatest thing about March Madness is continual basketball for 4 days from noon to midnight. Even more great, is that after 12pm, you can just on your computer at work, melt your brain, and enjoy some basketball! Well, I know it isn't March, but we have 2 televised games today at 2pm! This has already increased my attitude, and even though I don't know how to pronounce the teams, I'm excited to toss a couple dollars on the kids.

The 2 games today are Quinnipiac (7-5) at Canisius (4-9), and Iona (11-3) at Fairfield (8-7). The only team I know here is Iona because of Pitino, but that is not stopping be from betting these games. After quick research, I have came up with a teased parlay that totals to -105.

I have taken the adjusted under in Quinn vs Can at 155. Both teams are averaging in the 70's in scoring and points allowed, but Canisius' most recent games (besides an OT) thriller have been well below this total. Even Quinnipiac's totals have been pretty low. I'm confident in this under, and I am projecting a total in the 140's.

The final Leg is simply Iona ML. Iona is a proven tournament team, are off to a great start this season, and have a Hall of Fame Coach. I have full faith that Rick and Iona will cruise to an easy victory today to complete the parlay!

Quinnipiac/Canisius u155, Iona ML -105

Enjoy this play, as you try to get through your workday!



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