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Can't Lose Parlay (Right?)

Let's get a freaking winner today! March has been a rollercoaster, and now with Michigan shitting themselves, I need this. The board today honestly looks great, which usually means it will be full of upsets, but I think I figured it out. I currently have a 3 team ML parlay, and then have 3 additional straight bets. More plays will come as the day goes on and those will be posted on our twitter.

The parlay is simply a bet to get us on track. I usually hate doing heavy favorites in a parlay with not great odds, but I just can't see this one losing. First up we have Illinois ML. As we saw yesterday, Indiana is fraudulent and Michigan literally fed them that W. Indiana has struggled all year down the stretch, and don't let yesterday convince you that this team is good. They simply are mediocre, and they are up against the B10's best team, Illinois. Kofi, and the 2 guards are going to have a field day and should win this one easily!

Next, we have Houston ML vs Cincinnati. Houston has spanked around the American Conference, and today will be no different. They beat Cincy by 18 ten days ago and are looking to continue that ass whooping today. Cincy got back on track yesterday beating ECU after a series of losses. Houston is coming off a disappoint loss to Memphis and will come hot angry and hot! Cougs all day!

The final leg is SMU ML vs Tulsa. SMU has been waxing teams and have proven that they can compete with the AAC's best teams. Tulsa had an impressive win over Wichita last night, but their 11-19 record is suspect and will surely struggle with 22-7 SMU. In the last meeting, SMU won by 14 points, and I believe they can do that again tonight!

The parlay's payout is only +100, but again... who sells this? No one right? Get us back on track!

My additional early plays are as follows:

  • Temple +1

  • Wisconsin ML

  • Texas A&M +10

Good luck, good scores, and Godspeed!


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