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CBB 3 Teamer

As I’m sitting here in the notorious CL(i)T airport awaiting my ride (I guess he’s stuck in traffic, do not worry, I’ve only landed 45 minutes ago), I thought to myself hey what a great chance to write a blog. So here we go!

We have a couple contributors on this site that have been hot hot hot. Passing ton is over 1k and Brownie is probably up there too. I really wish they would post their picks and write ups on here, but baby steps. I am happy for them and unhappy in myself for not tailing. I’ve been hit and miss all week, but ended up 10 units which is my goal every week So I can’t complain. Anyways, enough blabber, here are my picks:

I have 3 heavy favorite moneylines that parlayed together total a +100. I’m only throwing a unit on it because I don’t feel like depositing more into my account.

First we have the Tigers of Clemson who are a -400 favorite against Miami (OH). The Tigers are a mediocre team, but I will take an ACC team over a MAC any day of the week. Clemson -400.

Next we have the Tar Heels vs Fordham. UNC is a -650 favorite and this has no chance of losing! UNC -650.

Finally we finish with the sketchiest one and that is USF vs Austin Peay. I actually hate this one, but I’m hoping USF escapes victorious. This game really makes or breaks this parlay. USF -255.

Enjoy this little parlay, but more importantly enjoy your Tuesday! Kisses

Yours Truly,


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