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CBB and NBA Plays:

It was a disappointing day yesterday as only 1 parlay hit. It's funny that the parlay that won was on soccer which I know absolutely nothing about. But I'll tell you what, it was electric! Mbappe scores in the 3rd minute of extra time to seal the deal, and it was a much-needed victory. That kid is the real deal! I will definitely get more into soccer, especially with the champions league in action.

I am back to my roots now though: CBB and NBA! I am doing something new today and not parlaying my College Basketball plays. Parlays are great, but they're also risky. It is a thrill, but I'm in this for the long run and need consistent plays. I have picked my 3 favorite plays for tonight's slate. You can see a full list of my predictions here, but I am only throwing money on 3 of them.

The first game is Jacksonville (16-8) at Stetson (11-14). I have the over of 126. This is a one of the lowest totals of the day, and yes there is reasons for it. Jacksonville is only scoring 67 a game and allowing 59 points scored against per game. These numbers aren't promising, but that's where Stetson comes in play! They score and give up 70 a game. I'm hoping that Stetson's averages will bump up the total of this game and that's why I have the over here. Keep the game close, get some free throws down the stretch, and shoot the ball well!

Next up is Loyola Chicago (19-5) at Valparaiso (11-14). I also have the over in this game at 130.5. This game is one of those one where I just drool over. We have a statistical dream when it comes to the over here. All four stats in PPG and PPG allowed for both teams are over the projected over. Loyola is scoring 74 and allowing 62. Valpo is scoring 71 and allowing 71. No matter how you add the numbers together, it succeeds the over. This is Toxic's Statistical Dream, and I will start recording each time this appears and how often it hits!

Lastly, we have Seton Hall (15-8) at UConn (17-7), and you guessed it, I took the over of 136. I love the matchup of this game and believe it will be a nail bitter. Both teams have high scoring offenses with sound defenses. I am predicting that the defenses will struggle a bit, and we will get a game scoring in the high 70's low 80's. The Big East might be one of the best conferences in the country, and this matchup will not disappoint. Look for points and fouls!!!

Next, we're shifting gears to the NBA, and I have my Motor City Player Parlay thanks to ThriveFantasy. The Stones take on the Celtics who just played last night and obliterated the 76ers. The Celtics are hot, but 2 games back-to-back are a lot, even for the best. I am not here telling you to take the Stones, that would be foolish. What I am telling you to do, is take Cade o19.5 Points + Rebs, and Jerami Grant o22.5 Points, Rebounds, and Assists. Cade, as we all know, is the streakiest player it seems like in the NBA. However, his averages surpass this number, especially his last 10 games averages. I'm looking to see him compete tonight against a great Celtics team full of a lot of talent. Jerami is simply the Stones best player. 22.5 PRA's is simply too much for Grant and he will have a night tonight, and if he doesn't score all the points, he will at least dish them out to Cade!

That's all I have for the day! Enjoy, play with care and Godspeed!


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