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Home for thanksgiving and already bored? No problem! We have tons of CBB plays this early afternoon that are just begging to be bet on! Now I’m no expert, but I have had some luck on the over unders as of late, so I am continuing that trend!

The first game we got is the James Madison vs. Wright state game. The over is set at a daunting 153, which might be the highest of the day besides Ucla vs Gonzaga (take that under too). JMU is averaging 81 pts thru 5 games and allowing 62, making their average total at 143. Wright State is averaging 72 and allowing 79 making their total at 151. Both teams are giving points Allowed total is 141, and points scored total is 153. When all 4 of these stats are under (or tied) with the total, then take the UNDER! Don’t overthink it. Under 153.

Next we have Butler vs. A&M with a total of 123.5. Now I know this is low, and both teams are not high scoring, but I just have a feeling the over is going to hit. I’ve also bet the over on every single Butler game and have been unsuccessful, so eventually it has to hit right? Exactly! Over 123.5

This will give you a good bankroll for the rest of the day where you should HAMMER UCLA ZAGA UNDER! If these don’t hit, at least you will be entertained on your day off! Enjoy, be careful, and let’s make some money!

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