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CBB Parlay of the Day

I am back after another long weekend of damaging my liver. The good news is that that was my last trip in a while. From now on I'm all yours and boy do I just LOVE this parlay! We have a couple overs with an easy Moneyline sprinkled in there, so let's dive in!

I have found 3 totals on the board tonight that statistically should go over every time! You know how much I love when this happens, and my record when following this has been excellent! \

The first game up is those pesky Nittany Lions against Maryland. I'll tell you right now, I have not been on the right side of betting the Lions in a long time, but I think that streak will end tonight. The over for this game is at 129.5 and it is the first leg of the parlay. Penn State is known for their terrible offense and their superb defense, but lately their offense has started to flourish. Maryland is a hit or miss team, but with so much on the line down the stretch, I am looking to the Terrapins to put up some points. Maryland's averages are 140 per game, and PSU is 130. It's going to be close, but I see this over hitting.

Next up we have Loyola Chicago and Illinois State o137.5. Illinois State is scoring and allowing 75 per game. Add that to Loyola's 74 PPG and were looking at a game with abundant buckets. My only worry is that Loyola is the much superior team and play stellar defense. Hoping both teams put up a fight, or Loyola can just score 90 and we will be fine.

The last over is MD Eastern Shore vs NC Central o132. NC Central is an above average scoring team and UMES is average. NC Central averages 141 and UMES averages 133. Not a lot of wiggle room, but I am hoping NC Central runs away with this one in a high scoring affair.

And the last leg to add a little more Juice is Howard ML vs Coppin State. Howard is on a 6-game win streak and is at home against Coppin who has lost their last 4. In addition to that, Howard is scoring 78 a game and Coppin gives up 76. I can see Howard scoring in the 90's to breeze to victory and finish up the parlay.

This is a risky parlay, and many factors have to go my way, but I like my odds and I like my reasonings. The parlay totals at +833 so it's no walk in the park! Tail if you want and please be responsible! Godspeed as always!


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