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CBB Trap of the Day

Friday's have turned into a bummer in College Basketball, but even with a board full of boring games, I have still found a juicy play for us. If you remember what our "system" is, then you will know exactly what game we are betting on tonight! The one game that the line is so obviously backwards, that it's begging you to take the other side. The game in question is Air Force @ Wyoming at 10pm ET tonight.

The System and the Play:

I will quickly recap our system that has given us over 65%-win rate in CBB so far. The system is simple, and it requires no research. All it takes is for you to look at the lines, see each team's record, and when one line is so noticeable wrong, you take it.

For example, we have Air Force, who is 13-14 on the season, traveling to a very bad Wyoming team, who is just 8-17 on the year. Despite being noticeably worse, Vegas is still projecting that Wyoming will win by 5 or more points tonight. To make this even uglier, Air Force has already played Wyoming this year and they won by 8 points back in January.

Now, it is very easy to simply look at the records and see that the line is messed up. Even if Wyoming is at home, it should never warrant them to be a 5-point favorite. It is so obvious they want us to take Air Force +5. Never, ever take that line that is so obvious. Our system has taught us to take the line that makes you want to puke. It makes you want to not even watch the game. It makes you think that you are just throwing money away. That is when you know you have found our system play.

So, with that being said, WE ARE TAKING WYOMING -5 TONIGHT!!! I hope this helps, and I hope we win another bet that has no business winning!

Good luck, good scores, and Godspeed!

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