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CBB Tuesday!

Haven't had the time to bet much CBB with the Wildcard Weekend that last couple days, but today is a new day, and we got some nice bets for you! It's a tricky slate, but I found a couple plays that I am intrigued in.

First of all, I'm going to talk about my boys in Blue. They have been complete dog poop lately. I have no idea what is going on with them. I want to say its because they're young, or struggling with Covid, but I hate making excuses. They just look clueless, and they are running out of time to turn their season around. With that being said, the sharps have big big Money on Michigan tonight against Maryland. I personally don't like this bet, and will not take it, but it is some important knowledge in case you were wanting to bet that game.

The games I have decided to bet on are a couple B10 matchups and 1 Big East game. The first game is going to sound pretty crazy, but I love OSU -33 against IUPUI. IUPU is (1-14) and have lost their last 5 games by an average of 18.8 points. It would be one thing if they were playing Power 5 opponents, but these are teams I have never or barely heard of. OSU is at home and will win easily. I'm predicting a 103-51 win!

Wisconsin traveling to Northwestern is the next game up. Wisconsin is ranked #8 and are 14-2. NW just beat a good MSU team on the road but they are the far lesser team. The line is only at -2.5 in favor of Wisconsin, and I know home court is a factor, but this line seems unreal to me. Wisconsin is going to win this game easily by 11 points! Wisc -2.5.

The final game is Butler traveling to #25 UConn. UConn is a 13.5 point favorite. Now Butler used to be a good team, but their record is really revealing. When they play good opponents, they really struggle, especially on the road. Their most recent beats against ranked opponents are as such: 82-42 loss @ Nova, 87-72 lost vs Xavier, and a 71-56 loss vs Seton Hall. UConn is a great team and I think they will cover the spread easily. UConn -13.5.

These are my plays of the day, so enjoy them. Don't forget about the Michigan game too if that is something you are interested in! Good Luck and Good Scores!


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