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CFB Championship Weekend and Playoff Predictions

The College football regular season has came and went, and all that sits between post-season bowl games is this weekend's conference championships. Let's take a look at each Power 5 conference championship game and from that, predict the four teams that will be in this years College Football Playoff!

Ranking Reaction:

The second to last College Football Playoff Rankings came out last night, and here they are:

I'm glad this is the last year of the four team playoff, because this committee is terrible. They have no system for grading, and contradict themselves every single week.

I may apply to be on this committee because it obviously doesn't require you to be all there mentally.

My biggest grudge in the rankings is that OSU is 6, and yes I am a Michigan fan... I hope Michigan never sees this team again this year, but they should be above Oregon.

OSU is above Oregon in every single statistical category that I thought the committee cared about. Each team has one loss, but OSU's was to #2 and Oregon's was to #3. OSU has two top 25 wins ( #10 and #17), Oregon has one (#20). OSU has a better Strength of Schedule and Strength of Record. Makes no sense.

But anyways, these rankings are very important heading into Conference Championship Week.

SEC Championship Game:

The SEC Championship game between #8 Alabama and #1 Georgia is probably the most anticipated game of the weekend.

Georgia's line keeps moving, but they currently sit as a 5.5-point favorite against Alabama.

The winner of this game is 99.9% in the College Football Playoffs, so they stakes couldn't be higher.


UGA hasn't lost a game in nearly 3 years, and Bama squeaked by last week in one of the most miraculous plays I've ever seen. With that being said, Alabama has been snubbed the last two years in the playoffs, and will be eager to take the throne away from Georgia.

However, I can't get over the fact that Georgia has somewhere around 30 consecutive wins, and even though Georgia has looked terrible at times, they are still the best team in the country. Give me Georiga to win the SEC!

PAC-12 Championship Game:

One could say that the PAC-12 Championship game is equally as anticipated. The undefeated #3 Washington Huskies play the #5 Oregon Huskies for the second time this season.

Despite losing in the first game, Oregon is a whopping 9.5-point favorite against the Huskies.

Like the SEC Championship game, the winner of the PAC-12 Championship is almost certaintly in the College Football Playoff.


I have said it multiple times, but it is nearly impossible to beat a team twice in the same season, so if you are surprised with Oregon being a massive favorite, just remember that fact.

Washington has been winning, but they've been winning ugly. Oregon is the team to beat, and unfortunelty for my Wolverines, Oregon is going to take out Washington.

ACC Championship Game:

In the weakest conference out of the power 5, #4 Florida State plays #14 Louisville in the ACC Championship.

FSU is only a 2.5-point favorite agianst Louisville.

This small line is most likely due to FSU's terrible performances recently and the fact that they lost their QB; the Heisman hopeful, Jordan Travis.


I hope more than anything, that FSU loses this game, but for whatever reason, this team just keeps finding ways to win.

Lousiville may be one of the worst teams playing this weekend, and they are massive frauds. I don't think they have enough playmakers to win this game. If it were anyone else, I would take them over FSU, but unforutnely, Louisville isn't that team. FSU in a close one.

BIG-12 Championship Game:

The further we go down this least, the worse the games get. The BIG-12 Championship game is between #7 Texas and #18 Oklahoma State.

Texas is a 15.5-point favorite in this game against OK State.

With the currently rankings, the BIG-12 might be the one power 5 team that gets left out of the Playoffs, and that is going to make a lot of people very upset, especially Texas Fans.


OK State may be one of the weirdest teams (besides Iowa) in a conference championship game. The Cowboys have lost to South Alabama, Iowa State, and got murdered 45-3 against UCF, yet they somehow win the big games.

Unfortunelty for OKST, this will not be a big game they win. Texas knows the position they are in. Knows that they might get left out of the Playoffs, so their only hope is to absoletly demolish the Cowboys. Texas wins big!

BIG-10 Championship Game:

In the worst effort ever to evenly split a conference in two divisions, we have #2 Michigan up against #16 Iowa in the BIG-10 Championship Game.

Michigan has the biggest spread this week and are a 24-point favorite against Iowa.


I can't reiterrate enough how bad this Iowa team is. Their best player is their punter, they've played no one, and only team they played that was worth while (PSU) they lost 31-0.

Iowa may be 10-2 but they basically played a MAC schedule and are an embarrasment to the BIG-10.

I don't want to jynx my team, so lets just say Michigan squeaks by the Hawkeyes in a close one...

CFP Prediction:

With my predictions of the 5 conference championship games in, lets pick the 4 teams that will be in this years playoff.

#1 UGA

With a win over Alabma, Georiga solidifies themselves as the 1st overall seed.

#2 Michigan

In a "close" game against Iowa, Michigan wins and locks themselves in at #2.

#3 Oregon

Oregon's impressive win over Washington propells them to the 3rd seed in the playoffs.

#4 FSU

Florida State squeaks by Louisville and locks themselves as the 4th and final team in the playoff, despite being obviolsy worse than the other teams in contention.

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