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Championship Week

What an amazing week of College Football as the regular season comes to an end, and the championship weekend begins! The playoff picture has changed once again, and there will be at least one more big change as Georgia, the #1 team in the playoff rankings, plays Alabama, the #3 team in the rankings. Michigan, who sits at #2 plays a pesky Iowa team that is looking to ruin the Wolverines playoff hopes. Cincy, the last seed plays a tough Houston Team. All that said, tell your wife and kids to not expect to see you Saturday because we will be busy making money, or at least entirely entertained from noon to midnight.

Now lets digest into these important matchups and playoff predictions. We will start with the first 2 out: Notre Dame, and Oklahoma State. Notre Dames season is done, as they don't have a conference championship, so they are sitting and waiting. The only way I see Notre Dame getting in is if Georgia beats Bama, Oklahoma State to lose, and either Michigan or Cincinnati to lose. This is extremely far fetched, especially for a team who just lost their head coach, so we will consider ND as the first 1 out.

Next is Oklahoma State who jumped Notre Dame and is #5. They will play in the Big 12 championship against Baylor and they are favored by 5.5 points. Obviously this is a must win for OK state, but also for the Big 12, because a loss here means most likely the conference will not be represented in the playoffs. I think OK State is a good defensive team, but not great offensively. Baylor has shown they can play with anyone (and lose to anyone). I see this being a close game where OK state squeaks out, but I'm taking Baylor +5.5.

Cincinnati, who I now hope makes the CFP, plays Houston. Cincy is 10.5 point favorites against the 1 loss cougars. I hope cincy wins and moves into the playoffs, and you'll see later why I hope this comes true. Cincy, as of late, has been blowing teams out, but I think this games will be much closer than 10.5 points. Houston +10.5.

We will Skip Bama for now and go to the Big 10 championship as the Wolverines take on the Hawkeyes. Now I'm not sure how closely you've been following my bets, but I am a die hard Michigan Fan. Last weekend I was at the Ohio State game and it was the best day of my life. The biggest win for Michigan in the last 20 years easily. I don't bet on Michigan, but I think they will squeeze this one out. My only concern is that they will be "hungover" after a big win last week. This would be devastating; coming so far just to not make it. But if they Win, they will stay as the 2 seed if Georgia does their job.

Finally we have the much anticipated game of Georgia vs Alabama. Georgia, who is a 6.5 point favorite and the most dominant team all season, looks to stay perfect against an Alabama team who has won by the skin of their teeth the last 3 weeks. I don't see this even being a game, and 6.5 must be a joke. Take Georgia all Day. Georgia -6.5.

Now if all this goes according to plan, which I am confident that it will, this will be the College Football Playoffs:

  1. Georgia

  2. Michigan

  3. Cincinnati

  4. Oklahoma State

This is best case scenario for me, as the Wolverines have the easiest path to the National Championship, where they can get abused by Georgia, but hey, we still got there right?

Worst Case Scenario: If you're still reading at this point, I thought it would be fun to see what chaos would happen if the games go the wrong way as planned. If Alabama beats Georgia, then I believe they both Get in. Bama at 1 and Georgia at 3 or 4. Probably 3 so they don't play again back to back. If Michigan loses to Iowa, then maybe Ohio State gets in?? I'm not sure. Cincy will be out with a loss, and then if Ok State loses then no Big 12 team gets in. In this scenario, ND will jump in, and then probably Ohio State. That would be insane, but would still lead to a very interesting and enjoyable CFP.

Hope you enjoyed this, and enjoy this weekend as Bedlam will break lose. This again could be a great Weekend for Toxy, or a very very disappointing one, Only time will tell. In the meantime, stay safe, kisses, and be careful!

Yours Truly,


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