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College Football Week 12

Good morning! Today is yet again moving day in the Big 10. Michigan is still alive after squeaking by Penn State, Ohio State dismantled Purdue, and Michigan State easily won against Maryland. All the rainbow and butterflies will end today for one team this week as Michigan State travels down to the horseshoe to take on the Buckeyes. State is a disrespectful 19 point dog, and if I cared anything about state I would hop on that bet ASAP! However, I hope with all that is good in the world that Ohio State wins by 50 and takes MSU out of contention. This would bring tears to my eyes, and if Michigan can finish business against Maryland, then it would lead to the best rivalry in sports (maybe second behind yankees Red Sox) the following weekend. That is my dream, but as we all know, dreams are broken all the time. Anyways, I’m taking OSU ML in a parlay.

The next game and leg of the parlay is Penn state. They looked like their same old self last week against regaining their quarterback who has missed the last couple games, and the reasons for the recent losses. They play a horrendous Rutgers team at home and this should be a breeze. Second Leg is Penn State ML.

The last game is Georgia vs. Charleston southern who I think is division 1 but I have no idea. Why is the SEC always playing garbage games during the most crucial time of the season. It’s bullshit and is the reason everyone loves the big 10 so much more. There’s No excitement, and we have to wait another couple weeks until Georgia actually plays someone worth while (hopefully Alabama in the conference championship). I’ve never heard of Charleston southern and Georgia is a 51 point favorite, and I think they will win by 80. So the bet here is Georgia -51.

This parlay adds up to +126, but it’s a sure win with no stress. All the games are at noon, so you can build a bank roll for the afternoon slate and hammer Michigan -15.5!

Please please please remember to be safe, gamble responsibly (chuckle), and earn your rent! Good luck and good scores!

-Yours Truly,


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