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Complete Board Rundown

Doing something a little different tonight. Beyond my daily board, I have a brief rundown on why I like each bet. Let's just say I am in LOVE with the board today, so am just a little excited to make some money (and I have had too much coffee).

These are just on the MLB, NHL, and NBA plays because that's all anyone actually cares about.

Rockies/Pirates: o8

  • Well, Pitsburgh just gave up 18 runs last night, and the rockies totals are always in the 11-12 range. It is odd to see the total only at 8 today, so I'm obliterating the over. Absolutely nothing special on the bump in this game to deserve that total.

Cubs/Reds: u9

  • Not one of my favorite bets, but CHC has been abnormally high totals recently and CIN haven't had much going from the bat recently. Seeing a stinker tonight.

Orioles/Yankees: NYY -1.5

  • Gerrit Cole on the Mound playing at home against the Orioles. Do I need to say anything else?

Dodgers/Nationals: NAT ML

  • The Dodgers are going to ruin so many parlays tonight. It makes so much, and I mean so much sense to take LAD tonight. For that reason, lets ride with the Nats!!

Phillies/Braves: ATL ML

  • Again, not one of my favorites, but I just like the Braves here for plus money. Just have a hunch.

Tigers/Twins: u8

  • Minnesota is got, and tigers either score 8 runs, or 1 run. Banking on the fact that it's the tigers in a divisional game, which usually means they will suck.

Blue Jays/Cardinals: TOR ML

  • Really like Toronto here as an underdog. Cardinals have an unreal game yesterday, no way they can keep it up.

Guardians/Astros: u8.5

  • Pretty good pitchers on the mound tonight, and Astros seem to always go under.

Royals/Diamondbacks: ARI ML

  • Probably my least favorite play because it's the Diamondbacks, but I have them winning this game in a close one. Don't bet this game unless you have a better reasoning.

Athletics/Mariners: OAK ML

  • My favorite underdog of the day is the Athletics. Mariners are struggling and Oakland at +135 seems like great value for a 50/50 game.

Brewers/Padres: u7.5

  • Milwaukee can't score and the Padres are hit and miss. I've lost too much money betting Brewers over, so going with the under in a good pitching matchup.

Mets/Giants: o7.5

  • Big matchup requires lots of hits and runs. Giants may get hot batting, but I think the Mets will score at least 5 runs in this game.

Heat/Celtics: BOS -6

  • Boston is the better team in this series. I have no idea how the Heat are doing what they're doing, but following the trend of these playoffs, Boston is going to win by 15.

Panthers/Lightning: o6

  • My only concern here is that they're playing back-to-back nights so legs may be a little sore, but FLA is the highest scoring team in the league, the under has hit on every game thus far in the series. Elimination game, lots of empty netters. Prediction 6-4 TB.

Avalanche/Blues: COL ML

  • There is no way the best team in the NHL goes down 2-2. Avalanche will roll tonight despite being on the road. I love them at puck line as well. Going to be an ugly game for STL. Final prediction: 5-1 COL.

Good Luck, and Good Scores! I will have a couple big plays that I will post later so stay tuned but do yourself a favor and RSVP for our Panini NBA Box Giveaway this Thursday!!!!



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