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Cowboys vs. Saints Predictions

A great matchup tonight as the Cowboys (7-4) travel to the Saints (5-6). Both teams have struggled as of late; the Cowboys have lost three of their last four, and the saints are on a 4 game losing streak. However, there is one team that is looking to get hot over the other, and that is The Cowboys!

Dallas has lost to 2 maybe 3 tough teams recently. The raiders, who are scary when hot, the chiefs who are still super bowl runner ups, and the broncos, who might be good? The Cowboys have shown instances of greatness, whereas the saints seem injured, dull and sad. The saints recent losses are nothing to write home about, as they got murdered by the Bills and eagles, and lost tight ones to the not so good titans and Falcons.

Another important note about the saints is that they haven’t been the same since the loss of Winston. They have tried Siemian, and rumor is They are starting Taysom hill tonight. I sure hope this is the case because it can get ugly real quick. I’m assuming Kamara will be back tonight, but we all know it is very dangerous to assume. It’s safe to say the Saints are beat up and hurting.

Also, keep in mind the Cowboys increasing against the spread record this year, going 6-0 against NFC teams and 8-3 overall. I know every time you see stats like these, they are bound to lose, but I have a great feeling about this bet.

My final prediction is Cowboys 31 Saints 13. I am going to take an adjusted line for this game to show my balls! 2 leg parlay Cowboys -6.5, o41.5 +205

Take this risk tonight! It’s worth it! As always, good luck and good scores. Big things to come For WorstBets in the future, but for now please enjoy our content and enjoy the money you make! Dont spend it all at once!

yours truly,


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