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Daily CBB Predictions 1/06

Last night was unfortunate as my picks went 1-2. Bama secured the bad, but the other two picks I couldn’t have been more wrong. Texas tech and ISU didn’t even score 100 combined points, and Creighton decided not to show up. I look to be better today!

I have selected 4 games that caught my betting attention. The first game is #13 Ohio State (9-2) at Indiana (10-3). Indiana is favored by 3.5. Again, Vegas is taking home court advantage as a very important factor in their lines, so I should listen to them, but you know me, I never do! I got a big F U to Vegas and I’m taking the red hot Buckeyes +3.5!

Another B10 matchup is upon us as Maryland (8-5) visits the Fighting Illini (10-3). The line is set at Illinois -11. Now Maryland is a descent squad this year, better than their record suggests. All 5 of their losses are by less than 8 points. Not gunna lie, I didn‘t know that fact until I just looked it up, which is making me think my bet is trash. BUT, I’m gunna roll with it anyways. Illinois is a top 10 team that struggled early on. Since then, they have caught stride and I’m expecting them to continue to dominate tonight. I have taken Illinois -11!

The last B10 game of the evening is between Iowa (11-3) and Wisconsin (11-2). Wisco is a 3 point favorite (Home team). Wisconsin is coming off an impressive win at Purdue, beating the number #3 team in the country. Iowa is now on a 4 game winning streak after losing 3 in a row. I think this will be the best game of the night, but in the end, I think Iowa will pull off the win. They’re just the better all around team, and Wisconsin might be coming off a winners high. Iowa ML!

The final game is a Pac12 showdown as WSU (8-5) travels to Colorado (9-3). Colorado is a 1.5 point favorite. I’m really excited about this game because it is my most confident bet. Colorado is a really Solid team and have proven themselves before. WAZZU as AC calls them have struggled greatly! They have lost 3 of the last 4 to Boise, New Mexico State, and san Diego state. Not great teams at all. I think Colorado is going to cruise tonight! I’ll Place 5 units on this (don’t egg me on to take more because you know I will). Colorado -1.5!

Enjoy these bets and let’s go 4-0! Godspeed!



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