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Desperation Mode

Rule #1 of gambling: don't ever get cocky. This week has been a bloodbath after becoming too cocky and confident the last couple weeks. Hell, I thought I was getting so good at this that it could be my full-time job. Well guess what! I was dead f*cking wrong! The job search has continued, applications have been rolling out and I have had my fun. With that being said, I can't let the book keep me down. I will be victorious and will end this week in the green! I have taken advantage of a deposit match and will be placing a mega max play.

Tip: this is not how you gamble! Do not do what I do. It's not fun and adds too much unwanted stress!

But I'm feeling good today, so tail if you desire, just not the number of units I'm about to deploy!

Here's the Play. It's a two teamer with a ML and an over. First, I have Ohio ML today at 6pm. Ohio is 15-1 at home, 23-5 overall, and its senior night! Ohio is currently tied for first for the MAC league rankings and will fight tonight for record. Senior night will lead to high emotions and increased want to win. I love my chances here. To add to this, Akron is a good team but have struggled against good teams. Their away record is 6-4 which isn't great especially when they're up against the best team in the MAC. Go Bobcats!

The final leg is simply a frustration bet. I have bet the over in Penn State the last 4 games I think and have been unsuccessful. I'm no statistician but the odds are in my favor here. Penn State plays Northwestern and I have the o128.5. I need points desperately tonight! NW is scoring 74 a game and giving up 68. PSU is scoring 65 and allowing 64. Hoping Penn State especially, turns it up and scores some freaking baskets because I need POINTS!!!

This is a make it or break it. $600 to win $1400. Godspeed!


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