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Dollar a Day Parlay

This is a new little series we are starting. We are all contributing a dollar a day, or every couple days on a parlay in the hopes that one will hit. Today's parlay comes in at a whopping +45,687 odds. We each threw a dollar on it to win $450 each, totaling $3,205. If you want in on this, feel free to donate in our donate page and you will get a share of winnings if it hits.

Since there is nothing else to bet on today, our we parlayed every single NBA game tonight. Our bets are as follows:

Kings @ Hornets U231

Mavs ML @ Pacers

Nets ML @ Hawks

Knicks ML @ Raptors

Cavs ML @ Twolves

Stones +6 @Pelicans

OKC ML vs Lakers

Suns ML vs Celtics

Rockets +9.5 vs Bucks

This is just a fun little series that keeps our gambling addiction alive, and entertains us for the day. Hope you tail!

As always, Good Luck, Good Scores, And God Speed.

-Your WorstBets Family

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