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Don't Miss out on these Plays

Hello all! I really hope you followed the plays yesterday! Both parlays hit, and we finished the day yup 60 units!!!! The MoneyLine parlay got a little dicey as Davidson went into OT and UMBC came back from being down 9 at half, but in the end, they cashed! Looking to continue our streak tonight.

Similar to yesterday, I have 2 plays: an NBA Player Prop Parlay from ThriveFantasy, and a 4 team CBB parlay. I will start with the player prop parlay! Here are the 2 Big Boy Props: Steven Adams o18.5 points, rebounds, and assists, and Bam Adebayo o31.5 points, rebounds and assists. Bam is averaging right at 31 for those stats on the season, and The Heat are looking to dominate the Pelicans tonight. Look for Bam to have 20 points and 15 boards as New Orleans will have no answer for him. Adams is really hit or miss in the scoring category but always comes up with boards. Luckily, he is playing Detroit where they don't teach defense, so if he can manage just 6 points, his rebounds should do the rest! Like yesterday, I have $50 to win $180 on the Parlay!

The College Basketball Parlay is a 4 teamer with +385 odds. I have $100 on this bad boy with house money from yesterday's trip to the cash counter! The first leg is simple: Arizona ML. Arizona is ranked #4 in the country and has a 20-2 record. They travel to 14-7 Washington State. Wazzu is on a 5-game winning streak and have been playing very well, but Arizona is going to be too much for them to handle. Since Arizona's loss to UCLA, they have smoked ASU twice and beat UCLA and USC (2 top 10 teams) by 10 points. Arizona is a legit national contender and should breeze past Wazzu.

Likewise, the next leg is simple as well. We are taking Duke ML vs Clemson. Duke came off a disappointing buzzer beater defeat against Virginia and are looking to bounce back with a statement game. They did only beat Clemson by 2 just four games ago, but Duke is upset, and will steam roll the tigers! I'm expecting a sweat in all of these games FYI, so when I say "steam roll" I simply mean win.

I had to put in a 5pm game, because what am I going to do all day until 7. The 5pm game is Wagner ML. Wagner (16-2) is home against Mount St. Mary (11-11). Wagner out of nowhere has won 15 straight games and are truly in their groove. Yes, it would be my luck for them to break the streak tonight, but I have a hard time fathoming that thought. MSM is a middle of the pack team and Wagner will be too much to handle at Home. Wagner all Day!

The last leg is the riskiest of them all coming in at +100 odds, but it might be my favorite 50/50 bet on the board. We have Texas-Arlington vs Louisiana-Monroe o132. I simply don't understand this line. UTA is scoring 68 a game and allowing 69. ULM is scoring 73 and allowing 74. If my math is correct, no matter what 2 numbers you add up, they all are over 132. I will for as long as I live, bet the over when this happens. The stats speak for themselves, and something is fishy here, which means Vegas is scheming, but f*ck 'em! Go Points!!!

Let's win some more money tonight! Good Luck, and Godspeed!


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