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Everybody Knows the Rules

Over the past year I have become obsessed with Dave Portnoy's pizza reviews. His consistent humor and relatability create a unique format of addicting content, that many follow religiously. My own infatuation with Mr. Pageviews has led me down rabbit holes to the darkest depths of the internet on a quest for details on the One Bite Pizza Reviews. After conversing with my fellow social network, I quickly came to understand everyone desired the information I was looking for, but no one had the intelligence or skill to deliver it. Thats when I realized that my talents were needed.

I began by scraping the 1,200 Dave reviews from the One Bite website and exporting it to an excel where I could manipulate the data to deliver insights. Copied below are some of the more interesting stats I found during my data analysis.

This data reveals to us that Dave is more willing to give out 9+ reviews, but on average is less likely to give a good review when compared to the public's opinion. It also exposes that Dave has broke his cardinal rule, providing a round number score, 26 times out of his 1,200 total reviews (rookie score!).

Dave's reviews follow a Gaussian Distribution, and are most heavily populated between 6 and 8, which should come as no surprise to One Bite fanatics.

Dave has also not been shy about his affinity for a New Haven slice, but the public favors Virgina over Connecticut according to the average review per state.

In my next article I plan to advise Dave on the locations that he should give another chance based on the difference between his review and the publics opinion.

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