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Favorite CBB Plays of the Day

College Basketball was absolutely insane yesterday as the top 6 teams and 7 of the top 9 lost. Gonzaga (the most overrated team in history) has proven that they can't even win against teams in their cake walk conference. I truly believe if they played in a Power 5 conference, they would struggle day in and day out. But enough about them, let's get into the board!

I have a couple games that I really like, and then a couple games I'll probably throw money on but am not as confident. My first game I love is the over of 140.5 in Princeton Harvard. The two teams just played each other Friday and the final was 74-67 advantage Princeton. Now Princeton travels to Harvard, and I truly believe more points will be scored today than the previous match up. Princeton is averaging 80 a game and allowing 69 points scored against. Harvard is scoring 73 and allowing 69. Princeton's offense is superb being 9th in the country in fg%, 16th in turnover% and 16th on 3pt%. Harvard is gritty and will find a way to stay in this game. With the season winding down, both teams are looking for big wins to boost their resume's. A nice little prop would be to bet that the game will go into OT because I just have a feeling it's going to be back and forth all day.

The next game I have circled in George Washington +10.5 vs George Mason. As a resident of the DC area, I know this is a big rivalry game, and if we know anytime about rivalries, it's that they usually end within a couple points. Granted some teams are way better than their rivals and a double-digit spread is necessary, but not in this game! GW is 11-15 on the season and GM is 13-13. Record wise the teams are very similar, and I understand home court advantage plays a role, but 11 points???? That seems high! GW ranks very poorly offensively, but makes up for it with their defense, defending the 3 and getting a high number of steals and blocks each game. On the contrary, GM has an efficient offense that relies heavily on the 3-point line. For George Washington to cover, they will need to defend the 3 like they have all season. I like my odds!

My last game is Nebraska +10.5 against Penn State. Penn State has pissed me off all season with their defense ruining my overs. Nebraska comes in here with a high scoring offense and the worst defense in the Big 10. However, Penn State has the worst scoring offense in the Big 10, so this works out perfectly. Nebraska is a fast paced, 3-point offense that literally just chucks the ball at the hoop. Half the time it doesn't even look like their looking for the basket. Penn State is slow and methodical with their actions. I love Nebraska's energy and think they will shock everyone and win this game, surely will cover!

Here is a list of the other games that I have my eye on:

  • UCONN -10.5




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Looking for a huge day today to get back in the green! As always, good luck, good scores, and Godspeed!


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