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Fighting My Way out of a Hole

Welp, I find myself down quite a bit of dough early in the week already. I did the same last week, and somehow broke even. This is a new, exciting week, but unfortunately it is the same story. I am done betting adjusted overs in the NFL, and once again I lost a NBA bet (why do I continue to bet this stupid league). To make matters worse, I will be in Florida where, even though its a great red state, sports betting is illegal. So I made a stupid parlay last night for today, to break even. If I lose, I will be hurting until Friday when I inevitably try to win it all back!

So here's the bet: Kent State -9.5 and UTSA vs. SDSU o43.5 +117.

Both of these are adjusted lines, and I hope I did my research correctly!

Kent State (7-6) plays Wyoming (6-6) in the Potato Bowl! Love that Bowl! Even though this is pretty much home turf for Wyoming, I have my money on Golden Flashes. Wyoming started the year off hot, beating 2 MAC teams pretty easily, but have had a very disappointing finish to the season. Kent State on the other hand lost in the MAC championship to a team they already beat once this year. Let it be known that it's hard to beat a team twice. I love Kent's fast pace offense and think they will squeak by with a win, and surely a 9.5 point cushion

Next we have UTSA (12-1) vs SDSU (11-2) in the Tropical Smoothie bowl. Now this is a very interesting game, and I am looking forward to it. Both teams are coming off disappointing losses. SDSU and Brady Hooke (lol) lost in the conference championship to Utah State? HUH??? Yeah seems just like something Hooke would do. UTSA ruined a perfect season by losing to North Texas. HUH??? Please read both of those in PFT's voice. But here is the bet: I'm tired of hearing about SDSU's defense or their punter. Kickers and Punters aren't people, and I'm surely not putting my money on them. The over is at 49 and I took the adjusted at 43.5. I can see this game being a 28-31 UTSA victory and I am banking on it.

I hope you enjoy these Bets! If they don't win, you may contact me through the Mayor of Whoville, because I most likely will be splatted on a sidewalk next to a skyscraper somewhere.

Good Luck, Good Scores, Wear Sunscreen and Go Blue!

Yours Truly,


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