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It is Friday and no better way to get the weekend started than a $20 protected flex play on PrizePicks. We get this promo every Friday, so of course we have to make it worthwhile tonight with a 6-legger. Here is the play followed with the reasonings.

The Bet:

The Reasonings:

  • Plumlee: The Hornets are playing in back-to-back games, and despite playing the Pistons, I except Plumlee to struggle. On the season, Mason is averaging 12.3 pts, 9.8 rebounds, and 3.6 assists, (25.7 PRA's). However, when playing on back-to-back games, his numbers significantly decline, including his rebound and point production. Hoping this continues tonight.

  • Bojan: The Pistons are on a 4-game break after missing their last game due to travel. They are well rested and playing one of the worst defenses in the league. Bojan has had multiple games scoring over 30 points alone, so I am trusting his rest, the fact their playing the Hornets, and because he is a beast for this bet to hit.

  • LaMelo: This is one of my least favorite legs, but for some reason LaMelo plays well of back-to-back games. There are not many stats involved in this bet, but it just feels like ball with have a good game tonight against Detroit.

  • Porzingis: The Blazers are without their big man Nurkic, who would have been responsible for guarding Porzingis. Since he is unavailable, I expect Porzingis to hit his point total with ease. Also, wouldn't mind taking his rebounds over tonight as well.

  • Horford: Al is averaging 9.4 points a game and 6.1 rebounds per game. This number seems very low in a game that I think will be a better battle than everyone is projecting. I will most likely sprinkle Al Horford double-double tonight. Just have a hunch about this play.

  • Siakam: Why would someone every take Siakam points under when playing the Rockets? Doesn't make any sense, and it has to be one of the most bet on player props on the day. This is why I like it so much and hoping for a quick and easy win for Toronto where their starters rest.

Good luck on all your plays, and remember this parlay is protected up to $20. I hope it goes 6/6 but you get your money back if it doesn't! Good Luck, Good Scores, and Godspeed!

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