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Full Slate of CBB

I am back from a brief hiatus. Long story short, I put in my 2 weeks at my crap job and am now getting overworked because he thinks he can get away with it. But it’s the weekend and only 7 more days of work left! With that being said, let’s get into the bets!

First of all, my boys in blue travel a couple miles northwest to face the sissy sissy Spartan. I honestly think Michigan has figured some stuff around after a horrendous start, and a battle with the sniffles (Covid). HOWEVER, never bet against Sparty at home. They‘re too good of a team and too well coached to do that. So…. I will not be betting Michigan, but I will be rooting my little ass off for them.

Now let’s get into the plays. I’ll keep this short and sweet! I have a 3 team all ML parlay that adds up to +185. I also have 5 units on it ($5,000) *its a joke, everyone knows my units are 10,000. Anyways, here it is: DUKE ML, MIAMI ML, IOWA STATE ML.

Duke plays a Louisville team in shambles. It is at Louisville but theres a lot going on for the cardinals behind the scenes and I just think Duke will roll.

Miami might be the most under appreciated team in CBB. They face off against a below average Georgia Tech team, and they should have no problem winning this game. This is the closest game of the parlay so take it for what it is.

And finally, we have Iowa State who plays Missouri at home. ISU is a streaky team, but I think they’re close to getting back to their early season form. MIZZOU is trash and ISU will roll.

Please tail! I hammered the book yesterday and it just feels good! I hope you all have that feeling today! Good luck, GO BLUE, and Godspeed!


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