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Going for 5 Maxes in a Row

If you haven't been paying attention, then I will quickly fill you in. I have gone 4 for 4 on my last max plays. On Monday, the Flames hit 2 last minute empty netters to secure the first max play over. Tuesday, Pat Beverley does what he normally does, and he stunk up the game hitting the under 19.5 Points, Rebounds, and Assists with ease. Wednesday's Capitals/Golden Knights game had a huge 3rd period to secure the win, and then last night's Stars/Flames game was a sweat but ended victorious. It is safe to say I'm hot!

Today's play is going back to the NBA, and it will be a player prop parlay. Now the first leg is simply free money. ThriveFantasy is dropping Chris Paul's points/rebounds/assists by 1 point per 25 bets. It started at 37.5 and is already

down to 28.5. I'm waiting until 3pm to lock in the over in Chris Paul total PRA's as it goes down even more! Remember Booker is out, and CP3 will have to take over most of the scoring and the offense for the Suns. Make sure to take advantage of this promo on ThriveFantasy! If you're not already signed up, then use this link for a free 100% deposit match up to $100 as well!

In order to have a correct bet slip, we need to add one more player prop to the parlay. I am adding Bogdan Bogdanovic o6.5 Rebounds and Assists. Bogdan averages 4 rebounds and 3 assists per game on the season, and he and the Hawks will have to figure something out at home tonight to win this game. This prop is one of the few ones on Thrive's board that is less than the player's season average. Based on the stats, this is a good bet, and based on my gut, I LOVE IT!

I am putting $200 on this Max to win $720, and again, the first leg is pretty much free if enough people bet on CP3!!

Don't miss out on CP3's promo and/or the free deposit match on ThriveFantasy! It's not often people offer these promos and deposit matches, so you have to take advantage of them as they come!

As always, good luck, good scores, and Godspeed!


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