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Hello Darkness My Old Friend

According to historians, Halloween is a derivative of what was once known as Samhain, a three-day Celtic festival that ushered in the New Year. Samhain, which translates quite literally to "Summer's end", marked the end of lightness and the beginning of darkness in the U.K. during the Iron Age.

As I sit here and contemplate what made me believe the Jacksonville Jaguars would cover a -3.5 point spread against D.K. Metcalf and the Seattle Seahawks, I can't help but see the parallels between this ancient Celtic tradition and my weekly routine. Every Sunday of the year is my Samhain. A day which signifies the end of light and joy (the weekend), and marks the beginning of fear and anxiety (the work week). The only real difference between the original Samhain and my Sunday afternoon, is the presence of animal sacrifice, and I can't promise that distinction will always exist.

Is this how men were meant to walk this earth? By suffering Monday-Friday so they could black-out the only free time they possessed? I won't claim to believe we would be happier living in a different world, free of these societal pressures and norms. To do that I would first have to understand what happiness is. However, I admit to fantasizing about what life would be like if we were still hunters and gatherers, living and eating off of the land that God gifted to us, judged not by the size of our commission at the end of the month, but by the value we were able to provide to others within our community.

In closing, I implore you to cherish the moments that move you. Don't be afraid to say "I love you" to the ones you care about, and remember....TAKE THE GIANTS TO COVER ON MNF!





Steelers vs Browns

CLE -4.0

Steelers to Cover


Titans vs Colts

IND -2.5

Titans ML


Jaguars vs Seahawks

SEA -3.5

Jaguars to Cover


Eagles vs Lions

PHI -3.5

Eagles to Cover


Giants vs Chiefs

KC -10.0

Giants to Cover


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