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Home Run Derby Bet

We have come to that point of the year where sports are so dead. Tonight, will be a good change up as we watch 8 grown men swing their backs out in the Home Run Derby.

The 2022 HR Derby Bracket

The Batters, Odds, and Current Season Stats:

  • Pete Alonso +200, .265, 24 HR

  • Kyle Schwarber +330, .208, 29 HR

  • Juan Soto +550, .250, 20 HR

  • Ronald Acuna Jr +650, .265, 8 HR

  • Julio Rodriquez +800, .275, 16 HR

  • Corey Seager +1100, .251, 22 HR

  • Jose Ramirez +1700, .288, 19 HR

  • Albert Pujols +2200, .215, 6 HR

Analyzing the Data:

What should really stand out to you from the data is that Schwarber, Seager, and Ramirez have great value behind them. Schwarber has the most HR's out of the contestants, but his batting average has been booty. This just shows that when he swings, he swings for the fences (a great derby quality!).

Seager at +1100 and Ramirez at +1700 are mind blowing odds in my opinion. They have better stats than Soto yet are more than double the odds. Should definitely have you wondering why they're so far behind. Very interesting indeed.

Pete Alonso is a beast and won with ease last year. I have no doubt that he will give everyone in the field a run for their money, but I get worried about betting the heavy favorite again. Last year I put everything on Ohtani, and he hit like 6 HR's and get embarrassed. Will I make the same mistake this year?

The Bets:

I am going to stick with my gut here but will put small units on my dark horses.

  • Alonso 2 Units

  • Schwarber 1.5 Unit

  • Seager .5 Units

  • Ramirez .5 Units

God Speed and Good Luck. And if you want to check out the store, we have new Will Merch! Help will replay his Bookie!


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