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Hello Again! The last 2 posts, each containing 2 parlays, are 4-0! I’m simply on fire, and I feel

unstoppable. In my experience with gambling, this usually means I’m in for quite the let down, but I have don’t my research and have fell in love with a couple more parlays. I got a little riskier with my NBA Player Prop Parlay thanks to ThriveFantasy, and I have made my CBB parlay more simple and sound. Without further adieu here are the plays!

With only a couple CBB games on the slate tonight, I have picked my 3 favorites. 2 moneylines and 1 over! My two money lines are Iona ML and Wright State ML. Iona let me down a week ago, but I can’t see Iona losing again to a much lesser opponent. Iona plays Siena who is just 1 game over .500. Iona has had a lot of rest since their loss and they will cruise to victory tonight! Wright State plays at Milwaukee who is 7-18. Wright state has been a great team thus far and are 15-10, including a 4 game win streak! I got Wright State all day! The last leg is the riskiest one and it is over 128.5 in Akron / Kent State. Both of these teams are among the top teams in the MAC, so expect a close game! As we all know, close games = free throws and fouls in the last couple minutes of the game which equates to POINTS! Kent is scoring 70 and allowing 64 a game, and Akron is scoring 71 and allowing 61. Both teams have good defenses, but I’m expecting both offenses to perform and hit the over with free throws down the stretch! POINTS POINTS POINTS!

The parlay comes in at +207 and I have 100 big ones on it!

My NBA Player Parlay has added another leg. I have won my last 2, 2 leg parlays And they’re simply too easy. I think last nights prop won in the 3rd quarter. I’m probably pushing my luck, but 50 to win 310 is too enticing! Here is the play:

  • Jokic o24.5 points

  • Kevin Huerter o11.5 points

  • Jaylen Brown u31.5 points + rebs

Jokic is averaging 25 a game and is playing Boston which will be competitive. I can see the Joker going off for 35 and win the bet easily. Huerter is averaging 12 a game and is very streaky. If he just sinks a couple 3’s I’ll be all set as they play a decimated Kings team after that terrible trade. Brown hasn’t hit that total in a couple games and I expect him to struggle tonight against the Nuggets! Hopefully Tatum and others take the scoring role instead of him!

We’re trying to keep the streak alive to throw a crap load on the Bengals!! Godspeed!


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