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How Michigan Makes the Tourney:

As a diehard Walmart Michigan fan, I have gone through every possibility in my head as to how Michigan makes the NCAA Tournament. Not going to lie, the odds are not in our favor. Starting the season ranked 6th or some shit like that, Michigan has struggled to make a name for themselves. The season has the opportunity to be one of the most disappointing seasons in recent Michigan Basketball History. Michigan had their best ever recruiting class with 2 five stars (Houstan and Diabate) and a couple 4 stars (Bufkin and Collins), but unfortunately it has been proven that stars mean nothing if you can't perform. The only guy in my opinion who has lived up to his rank is Moussa Diabate, and even he has shown that he has much to learn and refine. Houstan might be the best worst 3-point shooter in the country, and Bufkin and Collins are just too young. To make Matters worse for the Wolverines, head coach Juwan Howard is out the rest of the season due to an idiotic punch in a handshake line. Simply disgusting. Name me a profession you can punch someone and not get fired on the spot....

Enough woe is me, here's the scenarios the Wolverines get in. Currently, depending on the source, Michigan is in the last 4 byes, meaning they just made it in front of the play in teams. However, Michigan's remaining 3 games are no cake walk. Actually, quite the opposite. They face MSU tonight, Iowa on Thursday, and OSU on Sunday. YIKES!

Scenario 1:

Michigan wins all 3 regular season games and gets in 100%. Doesn't matter what they do in the conference tournament. Reality is, this event is highly unlikely.

Scenario 2:

If Michigan wins 2 regular season games, I predict they have an 80% chance of making it, regardless of tournament play. If they win the first round of the tournament, then I really like their odds!

Scenario 3:

Win 1 final regular season game, odds are extremely low to make tourney. Probably 25%. Will need to make it to at least the second round of B10 tourney, 3rd round would be great! That will give them probably a 60-75% chance of making it.

Scenario 4:

Lose all 3 regular season games. 0% chance of making tournament, so only way to get in is to receive and automatic bid my winning the B10 Tournament. Very Unlikely.

I'll be honest, I'm not feeling great, but the Wolverines have shown glimpses of excellence, so it's definitely possible, and it all starts tonight against MSU! GO Blue!


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