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Kansas State vs. LSU

The last remaining bowl game of the season, besides the national championship, is the Texas Bowl where K State (7-5) plays LSU (6-6). I'm not quite sure why this is the last bowl game, or why its being played 3 days after New Year's, but I'm not complaining. Another opportunity to win some money!

Kansas State is a 7.5 point favorite and the o/u is set at 47.5. Now, there is some crucial information that needs to be known in order to accurately place this bet, because at first glance, I would take LSU spread all day solely because LSU's history and the conference they play in. But here is where it gets fishy: LSU only has 44 scholarship players available for the game. More importantly, they don't have a scholarship Quarterback! Yes you heard me correctly, no scholarship QB. Their starter has joined the transfer portal. Their second string joined the transfer portal but then decided to return, leaving him ineligible. Their 3rd string who already started in 3 games, would lose his Redshirt if he plays today, so he is out. This leaves their 3rd and 4th string QB's, both walk-ons, both freshman.

You think it ends there with LSU? You're dead wrong! The Tigers starting RB has opted out as well as their leading WR. The 2 leading tacklers on defense have also opted out, and to make matter much worse, LSU will have a new play caller ad Ed has already retired.

Kansas State will be pretty much full strength. Their starting QB, who missed the last 2 games of the year (resulting in 2 losses) with an ankle injury, looks like he's back to full strength. Vaughn, their consensus All-American, Darren Sproles look-a-like, will have a field day and will lead K State to a sweet sweet Victory.

To me, it feels like LSU has nothing to play for, whereas K State looks to capitalize on a descent season. I also hate when Vegas puts the line at .5 above a FG or TD, so I took worse odds, but hammered Kansas State -6.5 (-130).

I love this bet and I am looking forward to watching it. I wish I was watching with you, but for now... Godspeed and Kisses!

With Love,


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