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Late Night West Coast Parlay

Yesterday's picks did not go as planned so I'm looking to regain some coins with a lovely Parlay. These games are late, all three starting at 11pm et, but they will be worth staying up for. In the meantime, if you want to gain some coins back earlier in the day, I highly suggest taking the under 138 in the North Florida/Florida State Game. Florida State will demolish UNF and the final will be 86-45, well under the projected total.

Let's get into this Parlay! The matchups for tonight's games are as follows: San Francisco (15-3) vs #1 Gonzaga (14-2), #3 Arizona(14-1) vs Stanford (10-5), and #9 UCLA(11-2) vs Utah (8-10). Two of these games I see as close matchups, and the other I see as a blowout.

First, SF and Zaga are two really good teams in the West Coast Conference. Both teams are also extremely high scoring. Gonzaga averages 91 points per game, and SF averages 77. This is going to be a competitive conference game for Gonzaga, even though they are a 16 point favorite. There is one thing for sure though, both teams will put up some points. Gonzaga has this mindset when they play competitive teams in their conference, and it is to prove a point! When Gonzaga gets like this, they solely focus on fast pace, high scoring offense, and allow their defense to somewhat decay. This is great for the over, and I see another easy over hit tonight. o160!

Next we have Arizona traveling to Stanford. Stanford is coming of a disappoint loss to Washington, just days before knocking off #5 USC. Arizona has been clicking offensively and have proven themselves to be a national championship contender. The big thing to know for this game, is that Stanford is in no way an easy victory. Stanford is notorious for playing close games and I think they will be able to slow down the Arizona Offense. Likewise, Arizona's defense is superb. They are 4th in the nation in opponent field goal percentage, 1st in opponent 2 point percentage, and 9th in defensive efficiency. I have this game going under, hopefully drastically under the total! u152!

The final leg takes place in Utah between the Utes and the Bruins. The Bruins picked up quickly where they left off in the final four last season, and are looking to repeat this year. They are a fast, high scoring offense, and are an underrated defensive team. On the other hand, Utah is in shambles. They have lost their last 6 by an average of 12 points, and that streak will continue tonight. UCLA will roll tonight winning by a predicted 15 points. UCLA -9.5!

This 3 Leg Parlay comes in at +570 and is a great way to win some money back from a disappoint yesterday, and will set you up for a great weekend! As always, enjoy, good luck, be responsible, and good scores!



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