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LBJ Scoring Title Predictions

Say what you want about the guy, (I despise him), but LBJ will become the NBA leading scorer either tonight or Thursday, and it is something we may never experience again in our lives. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has held the NBA Scoring Title since 1984; almost 30 years. LeBron is just 36-points away from the record, and because of this, it has been a huge topic in sports. There are also so many LeBron props for his scoring title that we will get into.

When will he get the Scoring Title?

Averaging 30-points a game on the season, Lebron is statistically going to break the record Thursday against the Bucks. The odds are also suggesting this is the case because it is -185 for LBJ to break it Thursday night. However, if you know anything about LeBron, you know that he is the most confident and egocentric professional athlete out there. I can definitely see him wanting so badly to break that record tonight so he can feel good about himself.

This thought process however does have some flaws. The topic of LeBron's scoring record has taken over the news media as stated before. I truly believe LeBron is loving this attention, and I could see him wanting to be the top story in the news for a couple more days. Also, playing against the Bucks would fit into Kareem's narrative. Kareem was drafted by the Bucks and then ended his career for LA. This would be a full circle and has a good ring to it.

So, we have a little bit of a dilemma on our hands. Will he break it tonight against the Thunder at +135 odds, or will he break it against the Bucks at -185 odds. I am going to have to take a chance and bet that he breaks the record tonight. I love the odds, and 36-points is nothing for LeBron.

How will he break the Record?

This is another great prop bet in the scoring title chase. FanDuel has props on how he will score this record which is really interesting. The front runner for how he will get the record is a layup at +145 odds. This is followed by a 3-pointer at +370, "other" at +380, free throw at +450, and a dunk at +650. Personally, I have no idea what other even means, I guess it's a jumper. LBJ has said in an interview that he does not want it to be a free throw as well. I would love for it to be a dunk and think that would fit right into the narrative. I have taken him to break the record with a dunk at +650 odds and am praying that it hits.

Lottery Bets:

Of course, I have to add a lottery bet to the scoring title props because I am an idiot. There are way too many bets on how he will break it, but the one with the highest odds (the biggest longshot) is for LBJ to break the record with a dunk and get a triple-double in the game. Of course, I took this.

I have already made my case for why I like the dunk, but the triple-double bet just seems so perfect for Lebron. To not only break the 40-year-old record, but to record a triple-double in the same night, that would be legendary, and Lebron would eat that up. It is too good of odds to pass up in my opinion. Do not put a lot on this because it is literally a lottery ticket.

Congrats to LeBron for the title. It's a big accomplishment even though I don't love the guy.

Good luck with your bets, good scores, and Godspeed!

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