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LeBron and the Lakers are BACK

The Los Angeles Lakers faced off against the Golden State Warriors last night in a much anticipated matchup. Curry, Klay, and the Warriors were looking to get back on track after losing 7 of their last 9 games. Likewise, the Lakers were desperately seeking a win after being the laughingstock of the NBA.

The game did not disappoint as it was back and forth all night. From the tip-off, it was obvious that LeBron was going to have a night, and he needed to with AD still out with a high ankle sprain. LeBron finished the game with 56 points and 10 rebounds. He became the oldest player to score 56 and 10, and it was the second highest point total for an NBA player age 35 or greater, behind Kobe Bryant. This unbelievable performance by the King gave the Lakers the win after a successful 4th quarter comeback.

Curry finished with 30 followed by an impressive 23 point performance by Poole off the bench. Unfortunately for the Warriors, they have dropped to 3rd in the west and are at risk of dropping even lower. Defensively the Warriors have really struggled, allowing high scoring performances by multiple stars in the last couple games. They have also shown their inability to finish games, blowing multiple 4th quarter leads.

Should we be worried about the Warriors? I don’t think so. With enough experience behind Klay and Steph, as well as being stacked with young talent, the Warriors will be fine in the long run. They’re just in a slump and will surely recover in time to make a run for another NBA Championship!

LeBron proved that he is indeed still a top player in the league. LeBron always seems to find a way to respond to criticism with unbelievable performances, and this is what really makes him one of the best of all time. If the Lakers get healthy and have some young guys step up, they could give some teams a run for their money in the playoffs. I know for a fact I would be terrified to play a 7 or 8 seed Lakers in the first round.

There is still a lot of season left bringing a lot of uncertainties, but what was evident last night is that both these teams could sneak their way deep into the playoffs. It’s also good for basketball to see LeBron continue to build his legacy, and I hope he has many more high scoring games like this in the future!

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