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MACtion Round 2

Welp, the drought continues, but I absolutely love this CMU WMU game tonight. A huge instate rivalry as Central goes down the road to face the broncos of Western Michigan. CMU (4-4) is a disrespectful 9 point dog, with 3 out of their last 4 games decided by 3 points or less. Western (5-3) is a very streaky team, winning some big games and then losing games where you’re questioning how that’s possible. Regardless, 9 points is way too much even if WMU has a good game.

Also take into note that this is a rivalry game, where I anticipate a lot of points and a close margin of victory. If I had more balls I would bet CMU straight up, but I’m honestly just looking for a win!


CMU +9 (-109)

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