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This is a short little post to address the quarterback position in general. We all know how important a quarterback is to their team, and I understand we need to protect them, but it has gone too far. More importantly, we have now just witnessed a quarterback abuse this power, and I’m sick of it. We need to start treating QB’s for what they are: Overpaid female dogs.

So enough of my rant about the narcissistic QB and lets get into the details. We have seen this year, more than ever, the over abundant roughing the passer calls. I am guilty of yelling at the TV as a flag is thrown by the stupid white hat official, who by the way his only job is to keep his eyes on the QB the entire time a play is live. I have done more to my ball and chain, then what these pass rushers get called for. Obviously the blatant head to head contacts need to be called, but the p*ssy shit out.

And finally to my main talking point: The abuse of power. You know what they say, once your get power you never give it up. Just look at our Government. I won’t get political but it’s a great analogy. Anyways, this coward, and Heisman hopeful, Kenny Pickett did the first ever fake slide.

Here is the play in case you didn’t see it:

This is straight up disgusting. He abuses this rule of protecting a runner while sliding, to cheat the system and run another 30 yards for a TD. I hope for any Michigan State to decapitate him the next time he slides, or attempts to slide in the Peach Bowl. He deserves to be suspended, and the league deserves to throw away all the QB protection rules. Its sick, its gross, it’s a disgrace to the game, and I’m just fed up.

So fed up that I’m taking my first Bowl Season Pick: Michigan State ML and Michigan State +3.5 vs Pitt.

F*ck you Pickett. That is All!

Yours Truly,


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