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March Madness Upset Predictions

The bracket was released last night, and I haven't been more excited in a long time. Michigan has not only made the tournament but has somehow avoided a play in game. If I wasn't a diehard fan, I would be extremely upset that Michigan got in and other teams did not. For example, Texas A&M had a great tournament run, similar to what Indiana did in the Big 10, but were left out of the big dance. I would be furious if I were an A&M fan, but I'm not so it sucks to suck! The Big 10 needs to live up to their hype as they received the tournament most 9 teams that are going dancing. The second highest is 6, but the Big 10 is the most even conference out there, they just need to prove it now.

Enough about that, let's take a look at the bracket and identify some possible upsets, because that is what March is all about!

The West Region:

Initial thoughts:

  • Rutgers/Notre Dame will be a great game. And I really believe the winner can beat #6 Alabama

  • Memphis over Boise State is a realistic win and possibly the ZAGS??

  • UConn topping Arkansas (or Vermont???) in the round of 32

  • Michigan State can give Duke a run for their Money

  • I like Texas Tech to come out of this region

The South Region:

Initial thoughts:

  • Michigan over Colorado State. Michigan shows greatness very rarely, but could turn it around for March!

  • Loyola Chicago is always competitive and is playing a cold OSU team

  • Like Arizona to come out of the South, but Illinois , Tennessee, and Nova are great teams!

Midwest region:

Initial thoughts:

  • Iowa to go far, beat providence, and I can see them beating Kansas as well. They might be hottest team in basketball

  • I like USC here and think they can take Auburn

  • Wisco to meet up with IOWA

  • This is a Big 10 legacy region!.

  • Providence = Frauds

East Region:

Initial Thoughts:

  • Winner of Wyoming/Indiana over Saint Mary's. The WCC is a joke!

  • Murray State over Kentucky, Boom!

  • VT over Texas. Texas are frauds and VT is as hot as Iowa.

  • Baylor most likely running away from this.

Now that my thoughts are all written down. Here are the upsets I really like.

12 seed Indiana or Wyoming will beat the 5 seed Saint Mary's in the East. Saint Mary's just doesn't have the athletic ability to make a tournament run, and although they beat Gonzaga, I don't think that should automatically give them a 5 seed. BIG UPSET ALERT!

11 seed Virginia Tech over Texas. The winner of the ACC came out of nowhere but won the tournament decisively. Texas has struggled all year, and I like my chances of Virginia Tech once again being an underdog to come out on top!

13 seed South Dakota State over Providence. South Dakota State is the second highest scoring team in college basketball behind Gonzaga. Providence can't score to save their life. If SDST can get hot, this game is over!

11 seed Michigan over Colorado State. If you told me a week ago Michigan would not only get into the tournament without a play in game, but also play a non-power 5 6 seed, I would have laughed at you. Michigan has the talent and ability to be one of the best teams in the country. However, they have not played to their ability often this year. They have shown glimpse's of greatness, but I truly believe it will come out in March!

10 seed Loyola over Ohio State. Loyola has proven that they can compete with anyone, and they have had deep tournament runs in the past. Ohio State is cold and struggling with injuries. This upset is very much possible.

13 seed Vermont over Arkansas. Vermont has a great coach and has had a great season. I know they play in a small, untalented conference, but they won every game in their tournament by 30 points or more. They are way more talented than people are giving them credit for, and they will give Arkansas a run for their Money!

I just love March! I can't wait for the Madness, the Upsets, the tears, and the screams! Go Blue!!!


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