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Max CBB Play of Day

Back with a Max Play to get back on track. I absolutely love this play and I can't figure out the reasoning for this line. Vegas is funky right now and is kinda messing with my mind, but regardless, this play is going to bang.

I am taking the over of 140 in Gonzaga vs Saint Mary's. I cannot fathom why this is the line. Vegas must be taking their last matchup to mind, as SMC stunned the country and beat Gonzaga 67-57. Yes a low scoring game, but it was a fluke. I understand that unders have been hitting an a high rate in tournament play, but this is just ridiculous. The Zags are the highest scoring team in the country, averaging 88 points a game. Saint Mary's averages 70 and allows only 60 points scored against. However, I truly believe the Zags are pissed off and are going to unload on SMC. You can definitely count on them scoring more than 57 points tonight.

I am projecting the total of this game to be in the 150's, as Saint Marys has caught stride, and Gonzaga is playing for their pride. Hoping for points tonight, something that has not been abundant in the tourney's so far but will be tonight. Gonzaga scoring at least 80!

Quick, short, max play post. That's all you need in life. GodSpeed!


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