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Max Play Alert!

Yesterday's Max play hits easily as the Zags and Saint Mary's destroy the over. Rule number 1 with the Zags, never bet the under if you see anything in the low 140's. For a team that scores close to 90 a game, that is a joke line. Glad this hit, and I'm looking to continue this streak tonight!

Just a quick tip when betting March: Unless you have a shitload of money, pick a couple games that you like and bet those, as opposed to every game on the board. In reality you won't be profitable betting every game, and you have a better chance betting those games you feel most confident in.

This is an odd play, but you have to remember that games usually stay close in tournament play, so that's my theory. I am taking Binghamton +21.5 vs Vermont. Vermont is the 1 seed in the American East Tournament and deserves to be there with an impressive 26-5 record. Binghamton is the 6 seed with a 12-16 record on the season.

My Reasoning:

Binghamton has played well for them in their recent games. In their 2 games against UVM they lost by 21 and 17. Throughout their season, their biggest deficit was 24 against UConn. Obviously, UConn is a far superior team to UVM, and I have a really hard time seeing them losing by 22 in a conference tournament game. In no way do I See Binghamton winning this game, but I truly believe than can keep this within 20 points!

I understand this is a weird play and you might not have faith in me, but don't feel upset when you miss out on this banger! Will be going 2-0 on max plays after today, so maybe tail me then if you're a coward!

Good luck, Good scores, and Godspeed!


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