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MLB Play of the Day

My last play of the day hit with ease as the Cavs and the Bucks hit the over at the beginning of the 4th quarter. I am now sending my talents over to the MLB to attack this early game to start the day in the green.

Now fair warning, I am the first to admit the MLB is the most unpredictable sport to bet on. I am simply taking this bet my feeling, and it just seems like both teams are due.

The Bet:

Red Sox / Tigers o9 (-115)


The Red Sox have been awfully dry this season with the bat. They have the star power to take their division and battle for the championship, but have started the season of slow, winning just 1 of their first 4 games. The total of 9 has hit in only one of their games and their max runs is only 5. The Tigers are a sneaky team that could make a run, and similarly, they have not had huge success with their batting. With both teams in a slump, I can totally see them go off in a high scoring game. The Sox are due to go over and they can't keep up these low scoring games.

It also is not a great pitching lineup for both teams. Both starting pitchers for today's game are nothing to write home about, and hopefully the batters take advantage of this.

Statistically, the low scoring totals for both teams can't sustain. If today's bet losses, I will simply double down on the next game's over until it smacks, but don't worry, it is hitting today! And also, it would be great for the Tigers to win of course!

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