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MNF Bets:

It's primetime football, and yep you guessed it, the Broncos are once again playing. Russell Wilson and the Broncos have had four primetime games through the first six weeks. It is clear that Roger Goodell loves his boy, Russell. Goodell's love for Russ has now ruined most primetime games since the Broncos are probably the most boring offensive team in the league. However, all that might change tonight as the nonexistent Broncos offense takes on the "let everyone by" Chargers defense. It truly is a matchup of complete opposites and is one of the toughest games to bet on.

The Bets:

I have taken advantage of a DraftKings 50% deposit match and a boost to influence my bets. Let it be known that all the money I have on the game tonight is free. I have still done my due diligence and placed bets based off of research and statistics, but I also have no real juice in this game.

The first bet is a boosted DraftKings promo with Justin Herbert. They are giving us Herbert to throw 1+ TD at +100 odds. Was boosted all the way from -800 to +100. Should be an easy win, but we will see if Herbie can get a TD through the very strong Denver secondary.

My next bet can be quite controversial, but I think Vegas is really trying to make us take the Chargers tonight. Because of this and a line that is obviously too low, I am taking the Broncos +4. I would not be surprised if Denver wins this game straight up, but I think that the Broncos are going to cover this game. Their defense has played great, and I know they are a horrible offense, but at some point, they're going to figure it out. I say why not tonight?!?

To add onto the game lines. I am also taking the under of 45.5. Unders have hit at a 60% rate this year in the NFL, and primetime games are notorious to go under. I trust in Denver's defense to slow down the Chargers. If they can't, then hopefully LAC blows them out of the water and get a running clock late in the game. Both seem very realistic, so that's the reason for the under.

I have added one player prop tonight. Keenan Allen, who I recently traded in fantasy, has been out since week one. Other Charger receivers and TE's have now gotten more targets, and Mike Williams has started to emerge as Herbert's next favorite target. I think Herbert will target Williams a lot tonight, and I am banking on Williams to get o5.5 receptions. I can easily see Mike getting upwards of 10 catches tonight!

Lastly, you know me, I have to do at least one parlay. It's my addictive nature. It is not a ridiculous parlay, but it will be a tough one to hit. Here it is:

  • Broncos +7.5

  • u52.5

  • Gordon o34.5 Rush Yds

  • Den u24.5 TT

  • Khalil Mack o0.5 sacks

  • (+425)

I have teased the under and the spread for the previously stated reasons. The Chargers lack of defense are the reasons for Gordon rushing yards, and then no way Denver scores 25 points. Khalil Mack, I'll be honest, is a complete guess. I feel like Wilson gets sacked a lot so let's hope Mack can get home.

Bonus Pick:

I have one bonus pick, and it is on the Yankees/Guardians game. It is game five of the ALDS and the winner moves on. This has been a close series with really good pitching. Only one game this series has gone o8 runs and there is no chance that this series clinching game does either. The play is u7.5 runs.

I hope you enjoy the plays and have a wonderful Monday! Godspeed and good luck as always!


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